The Beginning

Ever noticed the murals at our restaurants? They tell a unique story, one specific to the Harrigan family, and we’re here to share it with you.

As an homage to the roots that helped establish who we are, we intend to feature pictures from the our family murals to tell the story of the Harrigan, STONEFIRE and our culture/values. As every story needs a great beginning, the key to ours rests in the Harrigan family patriarch, a man driven by purpose. John “Jack” Louis Harrigan set out to instill the values of hard work and mutual respect for others in each of his 9 children, and these values form the foundation of our business, our happiness to serve.

How did these values show up in Jack’s life? Long before starting a family with his beloved wife, Mary Lou, Jack aspired to greatness at Notre Dame where he pursued his BA in Engineering. He also followed his passion for golf and attained the collegiate course record at Notre Dame (which still stands today!). These goals were cut short, though, for like countless other men at the time, Jack was called to serve our country, as a member of the US Navy.  He was called to an accelerated engineering program at MIT before being deployed to the South Pacific in WWII.  Following this, he returned to Southern California to finish his education, settle down and raise his family in the San Fernando Valley.

The lessons learned during his years of service carried over to his Harrigan family and, in turn, made their way into ours, the STONEFIRE family.  Hard work and mutual respect were integral to the dynamic around him, and they’re equally important to the STONEFIRE team. With a clear understanding of these core concepts, we seek to impact the lives of our guests, our communities and one another each and every day.

Our restaurant murals tell a story; they serve as a reminder of where we came from and where we’re headed. The foundation of our direction remains firmly planted in our actions, something we hold close to us.

This is our great beginning, the first of many stories.