Yes, that’s right!  The tomato sauce for our new, delicious and beautiful 10″ Margherita is our own recipe, and that means using our own two hands to get the consistency just the way we want it.  We start with the finest tomatoes, imported directly from Italy.  From there, some quality olive oil and a few other ingredients make for a perfectly simple sauce.  Combine all of this with a special thin crust, fresh mozzarella and some chopped basil, and the most classic of pizzas is born at STONEFIRE Grill.

We’ve created this specialty item for our guests to enjoy in an intentionally simple manner – our dough has been stretched very thin; the flavor profile is exactly where we’d like it to remain.  Add to that the fact that any more toppings would compromise the quality, and we’ve asked, for this item only, that nothing be added or modified, please.  We’re confident that you’ll LOVE this STONEFIRE pizza just the way it is.  ENJOY!

For more information, check out www.stonefiregrill.com/menu/pizza.

#FreshlyPrepared [Tomato]

Rich in color and packed full of essential nutrients, the Tomato is an essential nutritional element to our overall health. From lowering cholesterol to fighting cancer, this flavorful fruit is the perfect addition to any dish.

In fact, at STONEFIRE, we decided to incorporate tomatoes into many of the dishes on our menu.  Some are even vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free!  Here, they are chopped and topped on our (gluten-free) Grilled Salad


and hand-crushed on our vegetarian sandwich, The Caprese.

For our carb lovers, our Tomato & Basil pizza is full of perfectly chopped tomatoes,

 and, of course, our vegan Roasted Vegetables are the perfect way to enjoy a tomato!

Each of these healthy (and delicious) options are available at your local STONEFIRE grill restaurants in the Orange County, Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley.

What is your favorite way to eat this delicious fruit?