STONEFIRE Spotlight: Golden State Kale

You may have heard it referred to as “the new beef”, “the queen of greens” or even “a nutritional powerhouse”.  At STONEFIRE, it’s our Golden State Kale!

Enjoying this super-nutritious green on a regular basis has significant health benefits including lowering cholesterol and cancer prevention, just to name a couple. At only $6.49 and packed with fiber, iron and calcium, this healthy, delicious and vegan salad is sure to please.

Our Golden State Kale includes finely chopped kale, red cabbage, cucumber, golden raisins, roasted chickpeas, avocado and Lemon Tahini Dressing.


The Winter Warmup



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THE WINTER WARMUP for only $11.99

Large Chicken Tortilla Soup
Small Salad (Garden, Greek, Caesar or Cartwheel)
6 Freshly-baked Breadsticks

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Besides the incredible weather, sandy beaches and endless activities, our home of sunny Southern California also offers access to deliciously FRESH produce.

At STONEFIRE Grill, we strive to bring our guests freshly prepared, simply delicious dishes that will satisfy everyone in the family. A major component to that freshness is our list of 16 different salads, and of those salads, 7 include the fiber rich fruit, avocado. With 10 grams of fiber in piece of fruit, and with plenty of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat to boost good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, the Avocado is a great accompaniment to any salad.



Enjoy the perfect pairing from STONEFIRE Grill this week as you celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The Golden State Kale is one of our newest salads on the menu, and it’s quickly become one of our favorites.  Finely chopped kale, red cabbage, cucumber, golden raisins roasted chickpeas and avocado combined with our Lemon Tahini Dressing make for a delicious (and healthy) meal.  Pair this with any one of our signatures: Mesquite BBQ Chicken Breast, Freshly Baked Breadsticks or STONEFIRE’S Grilled Vegetables topped with Feta Cheese.  It’s a match made in heaven that will be plenty to share with your loved one, all at a very reasonable price. You just might have some leftovers to take back with you, too!

Whether you’re looking for that perfect pairing for dine in or takeout at any of our seven Southern California locations, and just looking for a great healthy restaurant in general, we’re ready for you!

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Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you for your loyal support over the course of this past year.  As always, we remain dedicated to each of you and are committed to happily serving communities throughout Southern California moving into the new year.  Whether your resolution includes something healthy, something sweet, or just spending more time with those closest to you, we would be honored to take part.

From all of us to you, best wishes for the year ahead.  May you surround yourself with love, laughter and joy.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Yes, that’s right!  The tomato sauce for our new, delicious and beautiful 10″ Margherita is our own recipe, and that means using our own two hands to get the consistency just the way we want it.  We start with the finest tomatoes, imported directly from Italy.  From there, some quality olive oil and a few other ingredients make for a perfectly simple sauce.  Combine all of this with a special thin crust, fresh mozzarella and some chopped basil, and the most classic of pizzas is born at STONEFIRE Grill.

We’ve created this specialty item for our guests to enjoy in an intentionally simple manner – our dough has been stretched very thin; the flavor profile is exactly where we’d like it to remain.  Add to that the fact that any more toppings would compromise the quality, and we’ve asked, for this item only, that nothing be added or modified, please.  We’re confident that you’ll LOVE this STONEFIRE pizza just the way it is.  ENJOY!

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