Summer Pool Parties

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Planning Summer Pool Parties?

It’s (finally) officially summer and WE’RE craving BBQ! Gathering friends and family together to beat the summer heat with a pool party, and throwing some food on the grill is a summer tradition for many. But grilling yourself can be hassle, especially when YOU would rather be splashing in the pool! Between shopping for food, remembering to preheat the grill, cooking the food, and then letting it rest, you have no time to actually enjoy the party. Let STONEFIRE take the grilling off your hands.
Our Crowd Pleasers are perfect for 6 or more and include a variety of grill options, a large salad (Garden, Caesar, Cartwheel or Greek), and 18 Freshly Baked Breadsticks starting at just $49.99.
You can even add on a 16″ Two-topping Pizza or 2 Large Sides for just $16.99 each.
Looking for something for a larger crowd? The Works serves 20 or more and includes 4 Whole Chickens, 3 Whole Tri Tips, 2 16″ Two-topping Pizzas (or 4 Large Sides), 2 Large Salads (Garden, Caesar, Cartwheel or Greek) and 36 Freshly Baked Breadsticks.
And don’t forget to add dessert! Our Famous Fudge Brownies or Sandy’s Cookie are perfect for sharing!
If none of these options quite fit your needs, call our Catering Office at 888-649-5783 to create the perfect menu for your pool party! We hope your guests like it as much as we do!

STONEFIRE’S Pool Party Tips

Need a few extra tips for planning the perfect summer pool party? Here are a few of our summer secrets:
  • Make sure to have plenty of water and drinks on hand! Perhaps juice and lemonade for kids, and maybe something a little stronger for adults.
  • Let your guests know the menu ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to make sure you know of any food allergies or restrictions before planning out your menu and purchasing food.
  • Have some games planned out ahead of time for the kids (or maybe kids at heart) to play throughout the party. It’s always better to be over prepared than underprepared.
  • Whether you like DIY themed decorations or more of a natural environment, it is important to think about the ambiance you want your event to have. If your event is in the evening, make sure you have lighting available in case it starts to get dark outside as your guests are still enjoying the pool.

Getting hungry? With 9 locations (and growing) across Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley, find the location closest to you for freshly prepared, simply delicious meals. Choose STONEFIRE Grill for all your Dine In, Takeout or Catering needs!

Introducing 'Healthy Alternatives'

We’re proud to offer a variety of menu items complete with nutritional information via Healthy Dining and  Our Healthy Alternatives menu includes:

Italian Chopped Salad with Chicken (petite)
Spinach Salad
12″ Cheeseless Grilled Veggie Pizza
Mesquite BBQ Boneless Chicken Breast
(a la carte)
1/2 Mesquite BBQ Tri Tip Roast
(a la carte)
1/2 lb. Sesame Glazed Salmon
(a la carte)
Seasonal Grilled Vegetables with Feta cheese
Cowboy Beans

For even more information, check out our Healthy Alternatives by clicking here.

Are these our only ‘healthy’ options?  Not at all!  Simply ask a STONEFIRE team member for some of their personal favorites.  Why these items and not our entire menu?  This is certainly something we’re working towards at STONEFIRE, as we love to provide our guests with everything possible to ensure the best dining experience, but here is a little more information on what is currently required.

Here’s to healthy options at STONEFIRE Grill!

We're Here for YOU!

At STONEFIRE, we’ve become increasingly aware of our valued guests’ dietary needs, concerns and aspirations.  Now more than ever, people are concerned about what they eat, and we couldn’t be more supportive of this rising trend.  Launching our Healthy Alternatives menu at the end of March was the first step in a much larger project – full menu nutritional analysis, including allergens.  This is a huge endeavor, and we look forward to providing this information to everyone later this year!

For now, we’ll continue to do our very best to accommodate as many special requests as we can, as this OC foodie points out in her recent blog entry.

Here’s to healthy, delicious meals throughout Southern California!

Our Gluten-free and healthy menu options

Let’s face it – healthy restaurants Los Angeles are seemingly few and far between when it comes down to it.  Sure, many restaurants throughout Southern California are quick to talk about ‘health’, ‘healthy options’ and the like, but at STONEFIRE, we truly deliver on these notions.

Now, more than ever, maintaining a dynamic group of healthy restaurants is what we’re truly striving for on a daily basis.  For example, with allergens on the rise, gluten is one of the hottest topics out there, how many gluten free Los Angeles restaurants are there?  No, seriously, but that actually tastes good too?!  What about providing nutritional information that makes sense to valued guests?  At STONEFIRE Grill, we recognize what ‘health’ signifies to so many and aim to always accommodate as much as possible.

If we’re being really honest with ourselves, quality is hard to come by when speaking of healthy restaurants Los Angeles.  Sure, raw and organic restaurants present a variety of, well, deliciously raw and organic options that are certainly healthy, but they’re not always geared for the average consumer seeking a balance of overwhelming flavors AND health.  Combine this with the ability to provide value, and STONEFIRE Grill is the obvious choice in Southern California.  Since health and gluten-free options are becoming seemingly synonymous as of late, we’re proud to offer a gluten-free menu that is loaded with options – over 20 gluten-free menu items at these gluten free Los Angeles locations to be exact.  Looking for even more? Ask for our help in creating the perfect vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu for you and yours next time you’re in any one of our seven locations!  From Orange County to Ventura County, we’ve got you covered (and more locations are soon to come!).


Ok, well, maybe we’ve been rambling a little bit when it comes to healthy restaurants Los Angeles, healthy options, vegans, vegetarians, our gluten-free menu and just about everything else for that matter.  Instead of going on and on about it, we’d prefer to leave you with just a taste of what you’ve been reading up until this point.  What if  healthy restaurants Los Angeles could have 15 market-fresh salads on its menu?  And what if 7 salad dressings could be gluten-free?  What if vegans and vegetarians were given an animal protein alternative in the form of quinoa?  And what if these healthy restaurants had service in such a way that you, the paying and deserving guest, could modify the heck out of menu items so that it was made EXACTLY as you wanted? THIS is STONEFIRE Grill – fast, efficient, healthy, gluten free restaurants Los Angeles, hippie-friendly (oops, we meant vegan/vegetarian-friendly)…we could keep going, but that’s about it for now.  For more information on our healthful and allergen-conscious deliciousness, please Click here.  Looking for the nearest STONEFIRE location to you? Click here We look forward to serving you soon!

Truman Talks Health

Our recently released Healthy Alternatives menu has been an absolute hit. With this addition, guests are happy to come on in and enjoy a meal or pick up food to go, even when on a diet! So if you haven’t tried out our Healthy Alternatives yet, I have important instructions for you. Log off of your computer, and get to STONEFIRE immediately. You won’t regret it. (Our Salmon and Spinach Salad are keeping me lean and mean. Seriously.)

Recently, our Irvine location hosted a meetup for “BlogCrush,” reportedly the largest blogging group in Orange County! They came out to try our delicious food (including many of the items on our Healthy Alternatives menu), and they weren’t disappointed.

It seems that “TheModChick” agrees with me- our Healthy Alternatives are the perfect choice for summer dining, and they “taste GOURMET.” Check out her awesome review (with pictures) here.

Another guest over at her blog “Spontaneous Clapping” provides an in depth look at her night of fun and delicious food at STONEFIRECheck it out!

Eva Smith, another member of BlogCrush, provides a full review of her STONEFIRE experience- from the front counter to her last bite of dessert! She also goes on to rave that our food “is the freshest in town!” Eva – I’m with you. Read the rest of her blog post here.

If you’d like to see some more guest-taken pictures of our Healthy Alternatives freshly prepared, check out Kathleen’s blog post. She describes our approach to healthy, fresh dining perfectly!

Not only is our Healthy Alternatives menu creating a real buzz in the blogosphere, it’s also catching news/media attention. Below are a few outlets  writing about everything STONEFIRE with a focus on our Healthy approach:

LA Splash Magazine

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Daily News (In this article, our Founders Mary and Maureen share some previously secret recipes!!)

As always, if you have any questions or comments, or would like a suggestion for next time you visit STONEFIRE, feel free to leave a comment below. They are like presents on Christmas to me. Except for spam- that’s like coal.

-Truman, Intern