Thanksgiving Sides for Your Family Meal

Thanksgiving Sides for Your Family Meal

It’s hard to believe that it’s already November, wow!  It seems that just last week it was August and we were gearing up for back-to-school. Here it is, November, and of course we all know what that means: Thanksgiving! At STONEFIRE Grill, we love Thanksgiving because it’s all about sitting down with family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal.

Mealtime with family and friends was the driving force that started STONEFIRE Grill. STONEFIRE Founders, Mary and Maureen Harrigan, sought to bring a family touch to their Southern California restaurants by offering family style entrees and sides that were delicious, fresh and reasonably priced.  Since 2000 we’ve been perfecting the art of the family meal and making our delicious entrees and sides available through our dine-in, take-out and catering options. We’d like to help you with the planning and preparation of one of your BIGGEST family meals by recommending some great side dishes that will be the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving meal, not to mention, ease the burden of preparation for you, especially if you’re expecting a large gathering around your table.

Although we are closed on Thanksgiving so that our Team can spend time with their loved ones, we offer items to be ordered the day before, such as our Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Did YOU know you can order these by the half or full-pan uncooked, so that you can enjoy them freshly baked?


Of course, no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without the mashed potatoes and you can’t go wrong with our smooth and creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes.We offer half-pan or full-pan servings that will be the perfect side dish for your turkey, plus, if you’re hosting a large group.

For a slightly different twist on a Thanksgiving meal side, how about a large order of our delicious quinoa served cold with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, mint and parsley.


While not everyone includes salad on their Thanksgiving table, here at STONEFIRE Grill, we think salads are a great compliment to every meal and we’ve got some great options that are sure to be a hit at your family Thanksgiving. STONEFIRE’s A.B.G. salad includes wild arugula, fresh beets, gorgonzola cheese and toasted walnuts. The mellow taste of this salad pairs nicely with turkey especially when topped with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Of course, you’ll never go wrong with STONEFIRE’s Garden Salad of fresh mixed greens, shredded carrots, cucumber, red cabbage and your choice of dressing. It offers a nice, light side to some of the more traditionally rich Thanksgiving faire.


Who doesn’t love some Pumpkin Pie to top off the Thanksgiving meal? Well, believe it or not, not everyone does like Pumpkin Pie so for those who prefer some different dessert options, STONEFIRE Grill has you covered.

Our Heavenly Cheesecake is, well, HEAVENLY! We offer this bit of heavenly indulgence in either a half size for $3.59 or a full size for $5.99. Our cheesecake is rich and creamy and is served either plain or with Fresh Blueberry Sauce. For your Thanksgiving meal, we will provide the blueberry sauce on the side so that your guests can choose how they’d like their little slice of heaven.

Another delicious dessert option to top off your Thanksgiving meal is STONEFIRE’s Incredible Carrot Cake. It simply is incredible and comes in either a half or full order and is a great dessert option for the traditional Thanksgiving meal, especially for those who prefer cake to pie.

If you’d like a little help with your Thanksgiving meal, go to our online order tab and start the process or go to our locations page and find the STONEFIRE Grill that’s closest to you. You can click the Order Online link there as well.  Make sure when you place your order that you specify “Thanksgiving sides.” This helps us as we prepare for a very busy week helping many Southern California families with their Thanksgiving Meal.

Happy Thanksgiving from STONEFIRE Grill!

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