STONEFIRE Grill: Restaurants in San Fernando Valley Defining ‘Value’

STONEFIRE Grill: Restaurants in San Fernando Valley Defining ‘Value’

STONEFIRE Grill, with two unique restaurants in San Fernando Valley, has quickly become a local staple in the food scene over the last 10 years. The fast-casual concept was founded in Valencia in 2000, but word of mouth quickly spread from one valley to the next, and as a result, so did the business itself. With eight locations to date, STONEFIRE’s guests have helped contribute to a healthy and thriving business, and the two restaurants in San Fernando Valley are no exception. One of our core values, amongst others, is that ‘value’ has many inherent characteristics, not just the singular ‘best price’ notion. What guests of our San Fernando Valley restaurants and those throughout the rest Southern California have come to expect from STONEFIRE is value as synonymous with price, food quality, service and the overall experience of a great meal.

Price: where other restaurants in San Fernando Valley have chosen to pass along the cost of doing business directly to their customers, we, at STONEFIRE Grill, have always done our best to create extraordinary value through pricing that best suits the needs of the people who make us best – our guests. Through our family-style experience of sharing meals and conversations, coworkers, friends and family have a multitude of options related to Family Meals and Crowd Pleasers that equate to meals priced per person at prices that can’t be beat. Combine this with the fact that such sharing allows for everyone to try a little bit of everything, and the ‘value’ associated with our prices becomes that much more delicious!

Food Quality: When experiencing other restaurants in San Fernando Valley, especially of the fast-casual genre, there is little in the realm of comparison. Fresh, made-to-order menu items are brought to each table at the highest caliber, a sense of ‘value’ that the boxed and pre-packaged competition cannot claim. Our hands-on approach to operating our business, from our Founders all the way down to each team member, provides added ‘value’ through a discerning eye and great taste. At STONEFIRE, we know good food, and we constantly scan the market for the freshest ingredients, work hard at maintaining clean and skilled kitchens and are endlessly creating to provide exceptional, tasty and top-quality menu items with everyone’s wallets in mind.

Service & Experience: There are many restaurants in San Fernando Valley with great food. Now, given the current economic climate, good food is not always enough. STONEFIRE Grill recognizes that people have a choice where to spend their money, and equally as valuable components to dining out are service and the overall experience. We want you to be taken care of, as if you were in our home. We want you to feel good, be accommodated and enjoy your experience. This is what our guests pay for, and it is what we aim to deliver every step of the way.

Our San Fernando Valley restaurants are located in West Hills (6405 Fallbrook Ave.) and Chatsworth (9229 Winnetka Ave.). Click here for more information on where to find us. We look forward to serving you soon!