Congratulations to our Senior Scholarship winners!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

Each year, STONEFIRE Grill hosts a Senior Scholarship Essay Contest for our Team Members that are graduating high school. We received a total of 29 entrees this year and thoroughly enjoyed reaching each and every single one of them. This was our prompt:

Imagine the year is 2027. You’re 10 years older… and 10 years wiser. “Thirty-something” is looming on the horizon. Looking back, you realize it seems like only yesterday that you were a teenager working at STONEFIRE Grill. Are you happy where you are? Satisfied with the choices you’ve made in the past decade? Tell us what life is like for you “today” and how your days back at STONEFIRE shaped and molded you, to get you to this point in your life. 

Congratulations to Destiny Troung (Fountain Valley) for being our first place winner!

As well, a huge congratulations to our second place winner, Anthony Duarte (West Hills), and our third place winners, Nicholas Friedman (Thousand Oaks) and Tammy Che (Irvine).

In Destiny’s essay, she wrote about how the values and service instilled in her by her team shaped her love for working with others.

Hi! Thank you for calling Stonefire Fountain Valley. This is Destiny, how may I help you?” I smiled over the phone. Back then, guest service was the one thing I prided myself in. I loved seeing the smiles on our guests’ faces after I brought the meals to their tables. I also loved greeting them whenever they walked into the restaurant. However, I especially loved speaking to the guests about their lives and experiences; ones that I could never even dream about. I would hear stories about their adventures in different countries and tales about how they met their loved ones—all while I was taking down their order. It made me believe that I developed some type of bond with each and every person that walked through those doors. Thinking about it now, these experiences triggered my love to work with people.

Anthony Duarte spoke to his passion in becoming an architect and how working toward a common goal as a team is crucial.

Working toward a common goal as a team is an extremely crucial skillset which I learned during my employment as a teenager. While with Stonefire, I worked with back of the house members, fellow servers, and managerial staff to ensure that each guest is treated with the highest quality food and friendliest service possible. No individual is capable of successfully running a restaurant—much like no individual is capable of designing, scheduling, and constructing a building. Designing alongside fellow architects, construction companies, and city representatives is the product of my capacity to successfully operate a nearly 5-star restaurant, and do so as part of a team.

Nick Friedman, with an entrepreneurial spirit and hopes to own his own restaurant one day, spoke to the importance of having fun while working.

I learned from Stonefire Grill that in order to have exceptional service you must have happy team members. Having a fun work environment made the team members want to keep coming to work, and made them be as friendly as possible to the guests. Stonefire Grill is what taught me how to truly deal with guests and how they should be treated as if the were dining in your own home. The idea of “Happy To Serve” is an important one and stressed the importance of it into my team members minds until they felt about it the same way as I did. My managers at Stonefire Grill were my mentors and I learned a lot from them.  

Lastly, Tammy Che spoke to the importance of treating everyone with equal dignity and respect, as well as caring and valuing each other.

These are the moments that make me realize how happy I am to be in a job where I can service people. I am happy with my life because of the choices that I have made. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! Your STONEFIRE family could not be more proud of you.