Quick 6 – Meet Chandler.

Meet Chandler! He’s an original member of the STONEFIRE Family, having worked with Mary well before STONEFIRE even began. Chandler was 16 when Mary hired him, and now, 21 years later, he continues to bring a sense of joy, fun and authenticity to everyone he meets.

Currently a manager at our Fountain Valley location, both colleagues and guests alike look forward to seeing and interacting with him each and every day. We’re proud to have “grown up” with this guy – not only a beloved member of our team, but a charismatic, devoted and caring individual who lifts up others around him.

Upon my arrival to the restaurant, I was instantly greeted with Chandler’s signature smile and warm eyes, both of which make you feel like you’re closest friend. Sitting down for the interview, this feelings continued as he playfully and genuinely answered each one of my questions. Though I’ve only personally known Chandler for a few years now, I walked away from our brief meeting with a new understanding of what makes him the wonderful person he is.

Here’s a quick snapshot for you…

Team Member: What is the most rewarding experience you have had?

Chandler Peck: Probably my surf trips to Mexico would be the most rewarding for me. We’re able to see how really simple things like kicking around a soccer ball with the local kids can totally change their lives. The surf was great, but also heading into town and helping build orphanages or homes and seeing the excitement on their faces. It was always a great experience.

TM: Favorite STONEFIRE menu item?

CP: Do you want to know what I eat every single day? Keep in mind, I’ve been around STONEFIRE for a while now. I eat a half chicken breast (completely plain), or I eat Pepper Garlic Tri Tip. I would say both are my favorites.

TM: Who or what inspires you?

CP: What motivates me or inspires me is regretting or not taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to me.

TM: What was the best vacation you ever had?

CP:  I’ve had a few favorites, but my recent trip to Kauai, Hawaii was one of the better ones I’ve taken. My girlfriend, Leann, and I are very active, and we were able to pack in a lot of excursions in the short time we were there.

TM: What was your favorite sitcom growing up?

CP:This is a hard one because we didn’t grow up watching a lot of TV. When I was really young, I would look forward to watching Saved By the Bell in the morning. That’s probably the show I always watched when I was a kid. I thought it was a funny show.

TM: What has STONEFIRE taught you?

CPNothing. No, I’m kidding! There has been a lot I’ve learned, but the thing that sticks out to me is the details. Every detail matters, even when you might think it’s obvious or common sense. I’ve always been taught that every little thing matters. Everything you teach or are taught is valuable.