Online Ordering is HERE!

Testing, testing 1, 2…

At STONEFIRE, we do our best to provide friendly and efficient service every step of the way. Ordering takeout at any of our restaurants in Southern California is no different. Recently, though, we knew that it was time to develop a system for those guests not necessarily having the time or simply not wanting to call to place their orders. We’ll still be there to provide the friendliness and efficiency you have come to expect from us, but now, ordering YOUR next STONEFIRE meal for takeout is just a few clicks away.

Each of our eight restaurant locations will debut our brand new online ordering platform by the end of October 2015. Right now, we have two locations testing live, and we’re excited to share this with you! If you find yourself in the Pasadena (Hastings Ranch) or West Hills (Woodland Hills/San Fernando Valley) areas, please give it a try! We’ve optimized it for your smart phones, too, so ordering could not be simpler.

To begin placing YOUR takeout order in Pasadena, click here; and for West Hills, click here. We look forward to serving you and yours very soon. For location information for either of these two information, please visit our STONEFIRE Locations page, or click here.

Please let us know how we’re doing and how you’re finding our new online ordering system. Your feedback is important!