Meet Our 2015 Scholarship Winners!

Each year at STONEFIRE Grill, we host a scholarship contest for all departing seniors as a way of showing support and enthusiasm for this exciting new chapter of their lives.

We tasked our seniors with describing a personal talent, attribute, or experience that they bring to their position. We also asked how this unique quality contributed to their success as a Team Member and in their interactions with our guests.

With so many hard working and talented team members, choosing our top 3 winners proved to be more difficult than ever.

Thank you to all seniors who submitted essays! We’re eternally grateful for all you bring to our team.

CONGRATULATIONS to our first, second and third place winners! We wish you all luck and continued success in YOUR first year of college.

First Place: Jessica Leas – Fountain Valley

“Thus, Stonefire Grill is weaved through joyful celebrations for this girl as she grows up. And we have the chance to put a smile on her face, and help her celebrate alongside her loved ones. So whether it is a full slab of ribs on that Saturday afternoon or her own graduation dinner in just a few years, she can head out to the patio and feel celebrated. She can know that this place is one of joy and laughter and shared celebrations.”

Second Place: Taylor Mansfield – Rattler’s Bar B Que

Third Place (tie) – Alex Kovner – Thousand Oaks & (Not Pictured) Kelly Rawlings – Irvine