So Long Summer: Hosting a BBQ To Remember

So Long Summer!

Hosting an End of the Summer BBQ to Remember

The month of August only means one thing: SO LONG SUMMER! As the calendar continues to flip, it signals the waning days of summer for all of us. For some families, August is one last chance to squeeze in a getaway before school starts again. For others, August is the beginning of sports practice and getting back to a routine. For most of us, August flies by and before we know it, Labor Day weekend has passed. And just like that, summer has ended.

Well, let’s make a pact to make the best of August this year. Why not celebrate the end of the summer the STONEFIRE Grill way – with a good ol’ fashioned BBQ?

Choosing the BBQ Venue

Settling on a location for your end of the summer barbecue is the first order of business. Here in Southern California, the possibilities are endless, but we have narrowed it down to 3 prime choices.

1. The Backyard BBQ

There is much to be said about a backyard BBQ. An at-home gathering provides a comforting and nostalgic ‘family reunion’ vibe. There are no curfews, alcohol restrictions and your guests get clean, private restrooms.

2. The BBQ by the Sea

There is no better way to close out the summer than on the water! Hosting a BBQ at a local beach offers guests a laid back and fun experience. Jumping waves, building sand castles and enjoying the sunset are just a few activities that you, as the host, don’t have to plan for!

3. The Parkside BBQ

California has a long list of beautiful parks that make for a fantastic outdoor gathering. Each park has its own perks, limitations and potential fees. Check out the California Department of Parks and Recreation to find the one that is right for your BBQ!

Inviting Guests to the BBQ

When it comes to an end of the summer BBQ, the more the merrier definitely applies. Friends of friends should always be invited, and it is very common to ask them to BYOB or a dish to pass. Need help spreading the word? Consider creating a Facebook Event for your BBQ. It’s a simple and easy way to send invites and provide precise details. Avoid sending group messages via text. They tend to be ineffective and frustrating when that ‘one person’ attempts to keep the conversation going.

Creating the BBQ Menu

Selecting your BBQ menu is perhaps the most important factor in hosting a memorable party. Lucky for you, STONEFIRE Grill has everything YOU need to fill-up and impress your guests. Choosing BBQ catering rather than cooking your own allows you to enjoy your party as much as your guests. With no prep and an easy clean up, BBQ catering is the way to go.

1. The Meat

Straight from our grill to yours, we offer endless BBQ options. Whether you want Mesquite BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Sesame Glaze Salmon or Lemon Garlic Shrimp or the above, we’ve got you covered. Love our Tri Tip? We offer it two ways: Mesquite BBQ and Pepper Garlic, topped with Gorgonzola Butter.

2. The Sides

We all know it’s true: sides are what make your BBQ menu memorable. Choose STONEFIRE Grill for your BBQ catering and years from now your brother-in-law will still be raving about “the best baked beans” he’s ever had. While our Cowboy Beans go down in the record books, we also offer several other exceptional BBQ side dishes such as Roasted Vegetables, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Nutty Coleslaw.

3. The Dessert

Yes, we will even cater your dessert. From Sandy’s Cookie to Our Incredible Carrot Cake, your guests’ sweets cravings will certainly be satisfied.

Not only is our BBQ catering menu top-notch, but so is our services. Choose BBQ catering with STONEFIRE and get your option of pick-up, delivery or full service catering.

BBQ Entertainment & Games

When planning entertainment options for your BBQ the number one thing to consider is age. There will be two distinct guests: kids and adults. More than likely, the two will interact minimally because let’s face it, kids want play with other kids and adults want adult time. Here are a few options that are sure to provide a fun experience for all:

1. Cornhole

Cornhole is a versatile game that everyone can enjoy. Adults can sip on their beer while participating in some clean and friendly banter and the kids can laugh when their little brother misses a shot. Perks: It is simple to set up and does not require a lot of room.


Twister is another game that guests of all ages can enjoy! It doesn’t matter who is playing it, everyone laughs. It is also an opportunity to involve adults and kids in the same game!

3. Slip and Slide

Slip and Slides are, without a doubt, THE most fun part about summer. They have everything you could ask for: water, sliding and a whole lot of laughs.

So, can we agree that instead of dreading the end of summer this year, we should celebrate it?


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