Innovative Restaurants in Los Angeles: STONEFIRE Grill

Innovative Restaurants in Los Angeles: STONEFIRE Grill

Innovation doesn’t always come easy when looking at restaurants in Los Angeles. With so many options and heightened competition in the industry, restaurants, especially Los Angeles restaurants, must work exceptionally hard at what they do to remain a step ahead of the rest. At STONEFIRE Grill, we’ve done exactly that since our inception in the summer of 2000.

Our Founders, hands-on operators and avid foodies, are constantly examining restaurants in Los Angeles to determine how to provide exemplary standards in both food and service. When they began formulating the concept for STONEFIRE in the late nineties, they had already been veterans of full service, casual restaurants and noticed that not everyone had the time (or money) to always dine out in the same way. With the proliferation of more fast food-oriented restaurants in Los Angeles at the time, they decided to take a step back and ask a very simple question: “Instead of taking fast food up a notch as so many are doing, how do we take full service one step down?” Read more here.

STONEFIRE Grill, with five current restaurants in Los Angeles and the greater area, has thrived off of this very notion. It’s not about sacrificing food quality or service, but it’s very simply about making dine in, takeout and catering more approachable for families throughout Southern California. At the time of our first restaurant opening in 2000, the term ‘fast-casual’ has not even been developed, but it’s exactly what STONEFIRE embodied. Much more than that, STONEFIRE was created as an alternative to the grocery store, for those home-cooked meals done better and cheaper than one could do alone. To do this day, there are few restaurants in Los Angeles that take the busy lives of their guests into consideration and provide them with food quality, service and an expansive menu like STONEFIRE does. We remain committed to those who make us strongest – our customers – and look forward to innovatively creating meals that resonate with them for years to come.

As previously mentioned, of STONEFIRE’s eight locations to date, six of these are restaurants in Los Angeles. Exact location information is listed below for your convenience:


West Hills



Thousand Oaks