Healthy and Quick Lunch Ideas for the Work Week

Healthy and Quick Lunch Ideas for the Work Week

Do YOU ever feel like you’re in a rut with your lunch? Keeping that midday meal fresh and tasty can be a bit of a challenge. Why? Well, it’s so easy just to grab whatever is easiest and quickest for lunch, but that’s not always the most healthy.  Plus, it can be hard to be creative with a lunch menu when you feel limited by the fact that it has to fit in a small container that’s easy to take along.

We’d like to help you out with that by offering some quick and healthy lunch ideas that will keep you from getting into the “lunch rut” and make your midday meal a tasty treat during the work week.

Meal Prep: A Regular Routine

Perhaps one of the greatest tools for staying out of the “lunch rut” is to prep your lunches ahead of time.  Yes, meal prep can feel like a chore, especially of you don’t consider yourself much of a chef, but trust us when we say, meal prep is the key to success.

When you run a restaurant like STONEFIRE Grill, prepping your food is one of the most important steps. Sure, we cook to order for our guests, but we have a dedicated Team who arrive early every day to prep. This entails washing, cutting, chopping and slicing vegetables that will be used for salads, side dishes and even some of our pizzas as well as mixing and simmering our sauces that we use for many of our entrees.

Prepping food ahead of time enables us to provide excellent guest service because a large portion of the work required for certain dishes is done long before we open for business.  This same principle can be applied to you as well.  Taking about 30 minutes to an hour on the weekend or early in the week, can go a long way in keeping you on track with a healthy lunch and a healthy budget – you won’t be tempted to grab fast food, or worse, something from the vending machine. That will save you money in the long run and you’ll likely find that you stay more energized and focused during the day by avoiding unhealthy or sugary snacks.

Meal Prep Tips

A quick Google Search of Quick and Healthy Lunch ideas, will bring up a number of resources that will offer some great recipe ideas to keep your lunches fresh and healthy. However, we’ve come up with a list of tips that we think will make meal prep easier and maybe even a little fun.

  • Containers: Investing in a few lunch containers is a great start. Many places now offer compartmentalized containers allowing you to keep all of your ingredients separate in the same container.
  • Pre-cut veggies: If you really don’t enjoy spending much time in the kitchen, then take advantage of the pre-cut veggie packs that are available in the produce section of your supermarket. Yes, they are a bit more expensive but will save you a lot of time.
  • Hard-boiled eggs: Hard-boiled eggs have got to be one of the easiest quick-fix ideas.  It takes only about 15 minutes to hard boil eggs and if you do several at a time, you’ll have them ready to go for the next few days.  Eggs are a great source of protein for a mid-morning snack or a lunch side dish and they are small enough to fit in almost any container.
  • Mason jar salad: If you spend any time on Pinterest, you’ve likely seen the genius idea of packing a salad in a Mason Jar for easy take-along. These can be made up ahead of time, or if you’re fixing a salad for your family dinner, make some extra and put it in a mason jar for tomorrow’s lunch. Layer the ingredients starting with the dressing then followed by the harder vegetables that won’t soak up the dressing, such as carrots or celery. Then just layer up from there making sure the lettuce is on the top where it will stay fresh and crisp.
  • Pasta: Pasta is one of those things that can be made in advance and used as a base for a number of quick and tasty lunches. Who doesn’t like a great pasta salad? Hint: also works for mason jars.
  • Sauces: If you like a tasty sauce for your meat or pasta, then preparing some of your favorite sauces ahead of time will make your life much easier.  If you prepare a sauce for your family dinner, make a bit extra to use through the week.  Sauces can keep for several days and can also be frozen and one of the best things about sauces…..they taste better the longer they simmer and marinate.

Healthy Lunch at STONEFIRE Grill

Of course, the occasional lunch out is always a treat and a great way to avoid the “lunch rut.” Here at STONEFIRE Grill, we offer a number healthy lunches that will keep you on track and on budget. Our $7 Lunch Specials are a fantastic option.  Plus, we make it easy with our convenient online ordering.  Browse our menu, place your order and then pick up at one of our many convenient locations.

Happy Lunching!