Gluten-free Restaurants throughout Southern California

Gluten-free Restaurants throughout Southern California

Living in Southern California, it has become increasingly common to see gluten-free restaurant menus popping up all over the place. AT STONEFIRE Grill, we have prided ourselves since opening in 2000 on truly providing something for everyone. Yes, even gluten-free diets!

We’re committed to providing the very best for gluten-free diets, and while we cannot necessarily guarantee that YOUR meal will not come into contact with gluten in our kitchen, we are very happy to serve a gluten-free menu within each of our locations with a little something for everyone. To learn more about our gluten-free offerings, be sure to ask a friendly Team Member for a menu on your next visit.

In the meantime, here are three STONEFIRE gluten-free facts that you probably never knew…until NOW!

Our signature BBQ Sauce is gluten-free.

Many years ago, we went back to the drawing board to ensure that our recipe was 100% gluten-free. What does this mean for YOU? As a gluten-free guest at STONEFIRE, you can feel confident enjoying any of our signature mesquite-grilled entrees!

We have nine gluten-free salad dressings.

Like everything at STONEFIRE, our salad dressings are family recipes made from scratch daily. From Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette to Lemon Tahini, these dressings are unique to who we are and what we stand for – deliciousness. For a full list of our gluten-free salad dressings, simply click here.

Modifying STONEFIRE is encouraged!

Especially for our gluten-free guests, but for any diet in particular, all of us at STONEFIRE encourage modifications to suit your taste buds. We do it all the time ourselves! It may be as simple as removing the tortilla strips from our BBQ Chopped or as complicated as a “no this, sub that and extra fill in the blank”. Whatever it is, we want YOU to order it, and we’ll be happy to serve. It’s just a small part of what makes our menu so diverse and interesting here!

Still interested in learning more about how to eat gluten-free in one of our Southern California restaurants? Feel free to check out the entire STONEFIRE menu here, or for a full selection of our current gluten-free offering, click right here.

We look forward to serving you soon!