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Friendsgiving With Stonefire Grill

What is Friendsgiving? It’s a fun gathering that blends friends and Thanksgiving. The term “Friendsgiving” is still fairly new, only entering the Webster’s dictionary in Jan 2020, but it’s been fully embraced as a more casual alternative to a family Thanksgiving. Plus, Friendsgiving is more flexible since it can be celebrated any day close to the official holiday that fits everyone’s schedule. And, you can choose a traditional Thanksgiving meal or non-traditional meal that everyone will love!

Friendsgiving Pro Tip: Make your Friendsgiving stress-free, have it catered by Stonefire Grill! For a smaller gathering, our ever-popular Feast is a perfect choice for 6 or more. If you’re gathering is a bit larger, try our Boxed Meal Catering featuring our most popular (and delicious) meals safely packed and ready to serve.

The Feast - STONEFIRE Grill
The Feast

Perfect for 6 or more, this meal brings together all your favorite menu items for a meal that is sure to please everyone. Served with your choice of protein(s), family-sized pasta, side, Garden or Caesar salad, and 12 Freshly Baked Breadsticks. Try it with 3 half chickens ($65), whole tri tip ($70), or with 2 half chickens and a whole rack of ribs ($80)!

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Boxed Meals

Perfect for 10 or more, and for those who want individually packaged meals! Choose from Tri Tip Chimichurri Sub, Roasted Turkey Club, Roasted Vegetable Stack, Baked Rigatoni with Meat Sauce, BBQ Tri Tip, BBQ Chicken Breast, BBQ Chicken and Tri Tip, BBQ Chopped Salad, South of the Border Salad, or Homemade Pesto Pasta.

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Whatever options you choose, you’ll enjoy an excellent Stonefire Grill meal with friends without the hours of cooking or clean-up. Happy Friendsgiving!