Fountain Valley Restaurants on the Move: STONEFIRE Grill

Fountain Valley Restaurants on the Move: STONEFIRE Grill

There are few Fountain Valley restaurants offering variety and value quite like STONEFIRE Grill. Its central location off of Brookhurst St. in the Callens Corner Shopping Center make it perfect for the residents of Fountain Valley and the surrounding areas, including Huntington Beach. This restaurant in Fountain Valley, with six other locations throughout Southern California to date, is quickly becoming the leader in the fast-casual sector of the restaurant industry for a number of reasons. At the end of the day, though, it’s about great food and prices that make sense for guests.

When Co-founder, Mary Harrigan, began dreaming up and eventually executing the concept in 2000, she understood that her generation wasn’t living the lives of their parents. Gone were the days where stay-at-home mothers had the time to plan healthy, nutritious and varied meals throughout the week. “We live in different times,” says Harrigan, “and busy ones at that. Let’s face it – we don’t necessarily have the time, amidst our own work lives and keeping up with our kids, to prepare meals everyday. That doesn’t mean we should sacrifice good food.”

And this is where STONEFIRE Grill comes in, one of the fastest growing Fountain Valley restaurants in the area. Our fast-casual style is slightly different than other restaurants in Fountain Valley. Guests order their food upon entering, gather their drinks and utensils and wait for their food to be brought to their tables. Quality of food and service is at the forefront of our Fountain Valley operation, ensuring that guests receive the utmost in terms of freshness, flavor, portions and attention to their dining experience.

Takeout is easier than it’s ever been in Fountain Valley restaurants, with a separate entrance designed to ensure an efficient and accommodating experience from start to finish. Our entire menu was created to keep your wallet happy, with group packages and individual meals abounding for orders large and small. Perhaps our most popular, and still slightly secret, package is the Stimulus. Call ahead and ask for more details. Not many Fountain Valley restaurants will be able to compare to such wonderful food at these prices!

STONEFIRE Grill Fountain Valley is located at 18727 Brookhurst St. For more detailed location information, please click here. Your options for restaurants in Fountain Valley just became much more delicious! From all of us at STONEFIRE Grill, we look forward to serving you soon.