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A Family Tradition

As a family of 11 growing up, the Harrigan’s dinner table was always filled with large plates, simply and lovingly prepared with both taste and budget in mind.

Our restaurant comes from our own family to yours; they are a tribute to our mother, Mary Lou, for the meals and memories alike.  Let the fire spread from our kitchen to your heart.

The summer of 2000 gave way to a new fast-casual dining concept envisioned by sisters, Mary and Maureen Harrigan.  The result?  Some of Southern California’s most vibrant and popular restaurants, STONEFIRE Grill.  Veterans of full-service restaurant operations, the sisters longed for something different, an innovative move away from lengthy dining experiences, transitioning instead towards a simpler approach focusing specifically on freshness, efficiency and value.

Today, our Team happily serves the greater Southern California community with locations in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Orange counties and Mary and Maureen rely on a much bigger Team to accomplish the same goal – freshly prepared and simply delicious meals – for their Dine In, Takeout and Catering guests.

Much more than food, STONEFIRE is a part of the community in the truest sense.  As a Company with values based in loyalty, teamwork and mutual support, each STONEFIRE Team, as well as the entire STONEFIRE Family, actively seeks opportunities to support those around them.  For more information or to invite us to partner with you, please fill out the Contact form here.