Congratulations To Our High School Seniors!

Annual Scholarship Essay Contest

Each year, we host an Annual Scholarship Essay Contest for our graduating seniors. This year, the topic was, “Pick a STONEFIRE Grill value and describe what it has meant to you. How has this value influence your experience at STONEFIRE Grill? What lessons will you take with you into your future?”

From the values we instill, such as being Happy to Serve, being committed to the ongoing development of each other, loyalty, treating all with dignity and respect, to leading through service, caring for each other and valuing relationships, staying committed to excellence and having integrity in all we do and caring for our guests and community, we truly are a family that cares about not just our guests but each other.

We are so proud to our many graduates in the Class of 2016! Whether you are moving away for college or staying with us part time, we couldn’t be more proud of this group of young adults! Thank you for being an incredible part of our team & family.