Catering Appetizers… Now Served!

Try our NEW Catering Appetizers!

Looking to try something new this holiday season? Introducing our NEW Catering Appetizers! We now serve our Hummus Trio, Chips + Salsa + Guacamole, and BBQ Meatballs! Made fresh to order, each item is hand crafted and been perfected.

All items are PERFECT for YOUR family gathering, office potluck or holiday party.

Hummus Trio

Our Hummus Trio served with our Traditional, Roasted Red Pepper and Spicy Hummus. With fresh Pita triangles and a vegetable platter including red cabbage “chips”, cucumber and grape tomatoes, this vegan dish is healthy and delicious.

A Small order serves 10-15 and is $17.99. A Large feeds 25-30 and is $32.99

Chips + Salsa + Guacamole

Our Chips + Salsa + Guacamole is the best tasting out there. Trust us. With our freshly made Roasted and Avocado Salsa (spicy!), homemade Guacamole recipe and freshly made tortilla chips that are fried to golden perfection, spice up your gathering with a classic.

A Small order serves 10-15 guests and is $24.99. A large serves 25-30 and is $45.99.

BBQ Meatballs

Our BBQ Meatballs are freshly made from scratch, slowly cooked in our ovens and finished on our mesquite grills, caramelizing our sauce. Choose from our Signature BBQ Sauce or our Spicy BBQ Sauce! This is a delicious gluten free option that will leave YOUR guests talking.

A Small order serves 25-30 guests and is priced at $49.99. A Large order serves 50-55 guests and priced at $95.99.

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