A Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day from Stonefire Grill

February is here and you know what that means?  Valentine’s Day!  You might be one of those guys (or gals) who tends to be a bit “last minute” when it comes to planning special occasions. If that’s the case, fear not; Stonefire Grill has your back.

We’ll help you plan, order, and pick-up everything you need for your special night.  Let’s get started.


  • The Menu: Our Tri Tip for 2 makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day meal! Share a half tri tip with your valentine, prepared with either mesquite barbeque or pepper garlic, choose a salad (Cartwheel, Caesar, Garden or Greek) and for a side dish, the garlic mashed potatoes or Nutty Coleslaw would go perfectly. Don’t forget to order dessert! Finish off your meal with Stonefire’s delicious Heavenly Cheesecake.
  • To Order, simply go online and click the Order Online button, follow the steps to place your order.
  • Arrange for pick-up or delivery of your meal at any one of our 10 Southern California locations that is nearest you.
  • Take home and ENJOY!

See!  We said we had your back!  It really IS that easy and if you follow these four simple steps, your special someone will have a terrific Valentine’s Day and YOU will be a hero.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Stonefire Grill

Snack Menu

That’s right! Now serving the most delicious starting accompaniments to your meal – the Snack Menu!

Whether you’re dining solo or enjoying with those closest to you, we’ve created a variety of portions and offerings to pair with your go-t0 STONEFIRE favorites. Like everything on our menu, these Snacks are made from scratch each and every day. Choose from our Traditional Hummus, Caramelized Onion Dip, Mediterranean Chicken Patties. Chilaquiles Verdes, Mesquite BBQ Meatballs, Chips + Roasted Tomato Salad and Chips + Guacamole.