Stay Healthy While Eating Out

Stay Healthy while Eating Out – Tips from STONEFIRE Grill

With each new year comes a new round of resolutions and, of course, one of the most common resolutions for the vast majority of people is to eat healthy and lose weight. This is more easily said than done, especially when it comes to eating out. We’ve put together a few tips to help you maintain your resolution and stay healthy, all year round.

Create a Diet Plan
The key to any successful initiative is to make a plan, and stick with it. Consult with your doctor, or conduct some internet research to determine your recommended daily calorie intake. Then, plan your meals in advance with portions and recipes that fit your body type. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be eating out, eat light earlier in the day as not to diverge from your diet. This will allow you to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

Choosing a Restaurant
Each day, for each meal, we have the option to order food at a restaurant. Whether it is affordable fast food, or a lovely sit down dinner – the option is pretty much always there. One thing that is not always present: the ability to fight temptation. If you have trouble resisting the urge to eat out, then simply choose better restaurants. Create a list in your phone, keeping track of restaurants that you know have healthier options. Each time you get the urge to eat out, reference the list and go to one of those restaurants! Look for places with a wide range of menu items and check for available nutrition information.

Here at STONEFIRE Grill our menu offers something for everyone and Nutritional information is available for every item on our menu making it easy for you to plan ahead and make a healthy choice. Plus, we’re more than happy to modify any of our meals to your needs.

Choose Healthy
Having healthy options to choose from when you’re dining out is key and here at STONEFIRE Grill, we make it easy. We’ve added three new salads to our already large salad menu. First, there’s Jeanette’s Mediterranean Chicken salad with chopped kale, red cabbage, red peppers, homemade Mediterranean Chicken Patties and more. Next, there’s the new Asian Salad + Seared Ahi with mixed greens, mandarin oranges, scallions and more, tossed with our homemade Ginger dressing and topped with Seared Ahi. Finally, our new Seared Ahi + Arugula is simple and delicious with seared Ahi Tuna on a bed of arugula with lemon and olive oil dressing topped with avocados.

We’ve also have some healthy sandwich choices that offer a healthy balance of carbs and veggies. The Grilled Chicken Pesto is made with caramelized onions, pesto made from scratch, mozzarella, sliced tomato, arugula on a ciabatta roll. The Caprese is another tasty sandwich on a toasted ciabatta roll with grape tomatoes, pesto, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Finally, the new Roasted Cauliflower Pita filled with roasted cauliflower, tomatoes, green onion, and a spicy sauce on Jerusalem pita bread.  All are great healthy options that will keep you satisfied and on track with your new year resolution to eat healthy.

Portion Control
Many restaurants serve large portions that can sometimes be enough to feed two people. Don’t feel you have to eat the entire portion all by yourself in one sitting.  Either split the order with someone in your party, or plan to take a portion of it home and eat the rest for another meal.  Here at STONEFIRE Grill, we’re always happy to bring Takeout boxes for your leftovers.

In addition to helping you eat healthy, we’ve also made it more convenient with our STONEFIRE Grill app. Download the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android and start enjoying your favorites. You can order takeout right from your device and pick it up at the nearest STONEFIRE location; you can even save favorites and group orders for your next visit.

Let STONEFIRE Grill help you stay healthy when eating out this year. Our expansive menu gives you many options and our nutritional information helps you ensure that you’re making the best choice for you. With eight Southern California locations along with our easy ordering app, it couldn’t be easier to eat healthy and stay healthy with STONEFIRE Grill.

Here’s to staying healthy when eating out!

Shop With A Cop

Shop With A Cop in Lakewood

Earlier this month, we teamed up with the Lakewood Sheriff’s Department for our annual Shop With A Cop event. Together, we invited 29 children and their families to join us for dinner at our Lakewood location.

Afterwards, the sheriff’s drove the children and their families in their squad cars to Target, where they were given gift cards to purchase gifts for themselves and their families. Thank you to our local sheriff department and Lakewood team members for making it a wonderful evening!

(All photos are property of Chris Miller.)

SFG Gift Cards: The Best Gift Ever!

5 Reasons STONEFIRE Gift Cards are the Best Holiday Gifts

The Holidays! They can be the most wonderful time of year and yet they can be the most stressful, too. One of the hardest parts about the holidays is finding that “perfect gift” especially for that “person who has everything.”  Well, STONEFIRE Grill would like to help ease some of the holiday-stress by offering you a GREAT gift idea: A STONEFIRE Grill Gift Card.  Yes! We have gift cards, and here are five reasons why a STONEFIRE Grill Gift Card makes the BEST holiday gift.

  1. They fit perfectly in a stocking.
    What’s more fun than going through a stocking on Christmas morning and gift cards are a great way to fill a stocking. Good things come in small packages and gift cards are those perfect “small packages” that slide perfectly into a full stocking to add that little extra something special. Plus, they extend the occasion because you get to use them at a later date.
  2. You know it’s a gift they’ll love and use.
    We were voted Best American Cuisine in this year’s Daily News Reader’s Choice Awards.  That’s right; The Best American Cuisine and we are so grateful that YOU think we’re the best! Who can resist our delicious Mesquite BBQ Tri Tip along with our Garlic Mashed Potatoes. At STONEFIRE Grill, there truly is something on our menu for everyone, which is why our gift cards make the best gifts.
  3. Avoid busy malls & expensive shipping rates.
    Did you know that STONEFIRE Gift Cards can be purchased online? That’s right; simply go to our online menu and click on the Gift Cards tab; this will take you to our gift cards order page. It’s so easy, just enter the amount you’d like to put on the card and then enter the number of cards you’d like to purchase. Your purchase will be processed within about 48 hours and sent right to your mailbox…….yes, you read that correctly, WE SEND IT TO YOU. Prefer to send it to someone else? Sure! Would you like to have us write a note? Absolutely! Simply let us know in the order notes. You can shop online and receive the gift cards in the mail, avoiding all the stressful holiday traffic. It really couldn’t be easier.
  4. You might get lucky with a dinner invite in the near future.
    Give a STONEFIRE Gift card to your mom. You’ll not only give her a night off from cooking, but she may even use her gift card when she’s out with you! A WIN-WIN.
  5. They are easy to redeem.
    In addition to being easy to get, STONEFIRE Gift Cards are easy to use. There is no expiration date so they can be used at any time and at any of our eight Southern California locations. You can use your gift card as your payment method when you’re dining in one of our stores or for online pick-up orders. You can even check your card’s balance.

Make your holidays easy and tasty this year with gift cards from STONEFIRE Grill.  They make the BEST Holiday gifts and everyone is sure to love them.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!