Countdown to Graduation

The countdown to graduation has begun! Plan the perfect graduation party for YOUR grad with ease.

With seven locations throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley (and a new restaurant in Lakewood opening this summer!), a delicious meal is just around the corner.

Choose from our Catering Packages that start at just $8.99 per person and a build the perfect meal with a choice of 16 market-fresh salads, an array of quality meats and side dishes that are sure to please, your guests will be requesting second helpings.

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Administrative Professionals Day

Whether your choosing to send flowers, a thank you card or both, show YOUR Administrative Professional how much you appreciate them with a catered lunch from STONEFIRE Grill!

Join us for lunch at any of our seven Southern California restaurants located in Orange County, Los Angles and the San Fernando Valley. The observance is this Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

Choose from 16 market-fresh salads, an array of quality meats and side dishes cultivated straight from the Harrigan Family kitchen, to build a delicious meal you’re your team is guaranteed to enjoy.

Can’t leave the office? Our Delivery and Catering options are the perfect way to enjoy a delicious meal without interrupting your workday. With catering packages starting at $8.99 per person and the option to have a STONEFIRE Team Member set up, serve and clean up for you, everyone will be pleased.

With a team of Catering Representatives who are happy to discuss YOUR menu and service options, ordering lunch has never been easier. Call our team at 888.649.5783 to start your order today!



Quick 6 – Meet Sonia.

Meet Sonia! As a dedicated member of the STONEFIRE family for the past 10 years, we are excited to share with you what we love most about Sonia!

Sonia joined our West Hills team in 2005 and worked in the pizza station until she was asked to transfer to our Orange County restaurants. From there, she was quickly promoted to Kitchen Manager. Over the next three years, she assisted in making our Fountain Valley and Irvine locations the success they are today.

After the opening of our Chatsworth location in 2007,  we asked Sonia to bring her skills to our newest location, and she gladly accepted the challenge. In the seven years since Sonia joined the Chatsworth Team, she has watched STONEFIRE Grill continue to grow and was excited for her role to do the same. She has graciously accepted a Front of the House management position and will be starting very soon!

Before my interview with Sonia, I had heard about her start with the company, her dedication and the fact that she is [currently] one of two female Kitchen Managers. As I sat down with her and heard her speak about the love she has for her son, Alonzo, and her fellow team members, I learned quickly that the calm disposition, happy spirit and killer smile was only the beginning of who she truly is!

Team Member: What is your favorite STONEFIRE Menu Item?

Sonia Hernandez: I have a bunch! I mean, I love our food. The BBQ Chopped, South of the Border, Steak and Cheese and Healthy Hybrid. But if I had to choose one, it would be the BBQ Chopped.

TM: What is your favorite childhood memory?

SH: I was nine years old and my mom and dad were at the hospital with my newborn sister. She had to stay in the NICU after she was born and we [my brother and I] hadn’t seen her yet. As my brother and I we were walking back from the store, we saw my mom and dad in front of the house, and we both froze, because my dad had forbidden us from going to the store on our own, thinking we were going to get in trouble. As we got closer, my mom had a big smile and bent down to show us that in her arms was my baby sister. They were so excited to have us all home that they didn’t notice we had broken their rule. I just remember being so happy to see my sister for the first time.

TM: I know you have an adorable son named Alonso. What would you say is the most rewarding part about being a mother?

SH: I would say a bunch of things. I love seeing him smiling and being happy. Spending time with him and watching him do all these things and grow makes me happy. I’m ok with chasing him around all day. Babies learn from us and our lives, and if he can grow up in a good environment with family, I will be happy.

TM: What dish is your favorite to prepare at home?

SH: I have so many! I love Mexican food like chile rellenos and different pastas like Lasagna.

TM: What has your time at STONEFIRE taught you?

SH: I’ve learned a lot of things. Working side by side with everybody like we are a family is important. I think that will make you have the strongest team and the happiest people. Make them feel that you care about them and show them that you are happy to be here and enjoy what you do; it will be an example for them. They will enjoy it, too!


¡Conoce a Sonia! Como miembro de la familia dedicada STONEFIRE durante los últimos 10 años, ¡estamos muy contentos de compartir con ustedes lo que más nos acerca Sonia amamos!

Sonia se unió a nuestro equipo de West Hills en 2005 y trabajó en la estación de pizza hasta que se le pidió a transferir a nuestros restaurantes en Orange County. A partir de allí, fue rápidamente promovido a Kitchen Manager. Durante los próximos tres años, ella ayudó a hacer que nuestros restaurantes de Fountain Valley y Irvine el éxito en la actualidad.

Después de la apertura de nuestra restaurante Chatsworth en 2005, le preguntamos a Sonia para llevar sus habilidades a nuestra restaurante nuevo, y ella con mucho gusto aceptó el reto. En los siete años desde que Sonia se unió al equipo de Chatsworth, ella ha visto STONEFIRE Grill siga creciendo y estaba emocionado por su trabajo hacer lo mismo. ¡Ella ha aceptado amablemente una posición de FOH Manager y será a empezar muy pronto!

Antes de mi entrevista con Sonia, había oído acerca de su inicio con la empresa, su dedicación y el hecho de que ella es [actualmente] nuestra única mujer Kitchen Manager. Cuando me senté con ella y la escuché hablar sobre el amor que le tiene a su hijo, Alonso, y sus compañeros de equipo, aprendí rápidamente que la disposición tranquila, espíritu felíz y sonrisa increíble eran sólo el comienzo de lo que ella realmente es.

TM: ¿Cuál es tu comida preferida del menú STONEFIRE?

SH: ¡Tengo un montón! Es decir, me encanta nuestra comida. La ensalada BBQ Chopped, South of the Border, Steak & Cheese y Healthy Hybrid. Pero si tuviera que elegir uno, sería la BBQ Chopped.

TM: ¿Cuál es tu recuerdo favorito del juventud?

SH: Tenía nueve años y mi mamá y papá estaban en el hospital con mi hermana recién nacida. Ella tuvo que permanecer allí después de su nacimiento y que [mi hermano y yo] aun no había visto. Cuando mi hermano y yo estábamos caminando de la tienda, vimos a ellos en frente de la casa, y los dos nos congelamos, porque mi padre nos había prohibido ir a la tienda por nuestra cuenta, pensando que íbamos a meterse en problemas. Mientras nos acercábamos, mi mamá tenía una gran sonrisa y se inclinó para mostrarnos que en sus brazos era mi hermanita. Estaban muy emocionados de tener a todos en casa que no se dieron cuenta que había roto su regla. Sólo recuerdo estar tan feliz de ver a mi hermana por primera vez.

TM: Sé que tienes un hijo adorable, Alonso. ¿Cuál dirías que es la parte más gratificante de ser una madre?

SH: Diría un montón de cosas. Me encanta verle sonreír y ser feliz. Pasar tiempo con él y verlo hacer todas estas cosas y crecer me hace feliz. Estoy bien perseguirele a él todo el día. Los bebés aprenden de nosotros y de nuestras vidas, y si es capaz de crecer en un buen ambiente con familia, voy a ser feliz.

TM: ¿Cuál es su plato preferido preparar en casa?

SH: ¡Tengo tantos! Me encanta la comida mexicana como chiles rellenos y pastas diferentes como lasaña.

TM: ¿Cuál ha sido su momento a STONEFIRE te enseñó?

SH: He aprendido un montón de cosas. Trabajando muy cerca con todo el equipo como somos una familia es importante. Creo que va a hacer que usted tiene el equipo más fuerte y las personas más felices. Hacerles sentir que usted se preocupa por ellos y les muestra que usted es feliz de estar aquí y disfrutar lo que haces; será un ejemplo para ellos. ¡Ellos disfrutarán, también!


One Smart Cookie – Sandy

Thousand Oaks guests of STONEFIRE Grill have been enjoying them for a couple of years now. In fact, we would often sell out of them before our business had even opened its doors for the day. Recently, they were introduced to the greater Southern California community at each of our seven, soon to be eight, restaurants in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties. We’re not talking about just any cookie here, we’re talking about Sandy’s Cookie – a deliciously oversized, one-of-a-kind blend of oatmeal, dark chocolate, Heath bar and walnuts. Like anything at STONEFIRE, this comes from our family to yours, and Sandy’s recipe is no exception.

Sandy Moreno is an extended member of the Harrigan Family (cousin of Mary’s husband), and her cookie recipe is an adaptation of a generations old sweet treat passed down through her family. She learned the recipe from her mother, though not on paper. Growing up, Sandy would follow her mom around the kitchen, observing and mimicking quantities and techniques until she perfected it herself. “Trial and error” would be putting it lightly, though, since each and every step was calculated, even down to the wooden spoon her mom would use. At STONEFIRE, our tests were very similar, and we went through months of experimentation before getting something close to what Sandy still serves up to this day at family events and gatherings.

“Of course I loved the cookie when I was growing up, but my mom never passed down an actual recipe; she was just an expert baker who went by instinct.  Since I am no expert in the kitchen, I had to follow her around and glean what I could and develop a step-by-step process that I could then follow.  My first few tries were disasters, but I finally perfected it and now I’m delighted that STONEFIRE is enjoying such success with it,” said Sandy, who shared that she revamped the recipe a few times to give it her own flair.

Sandy’s mother knew that the cookies were good, since they were always requested at school bake sales, neighborhood events and family functions. And so the tradition continued with Sandy, adapting a nut and chocolate free recipe for her beloved grandson, Holden, bringing them to the annual 4th of July party at the Harrigan home, and not even thinking about showing up to friends’ homes without at least one.

The cookies have become a part her, not just because they’re good, but because they symbolize the love that she pours into others. It’s a legacy she proudly carries on in her mother’s name, a humble act of service that brings smiles to everyone who tastes them. This, in turn, means everything to Sandy.

“I think my mom would be proud to know that our cherished family tradition is now being enjoyed by so many,” Sandy lovingly remarked.

We couldn’t be honored more to carry on the legacy begun by Sandy and her mother, and we’re delighted to feature Sandy’s Cookie, baked fresh every morning at each STONEFIRE location. They go quickly everyday, so be sure to reserve yours early. Even our Incredible Carrot Cake seems to be getting a little jealous by all of this attention. Here’s to Sandy for sharing a treasured piece of her heart with the rest of us!

In Gratitude,