Meet our 2014 Scholarship Winners!

Every year, we say goodbye to a few team members as they begin their journey out of the comforts of home and into their new lives as university students. In hopes to aid these young and promising Team Members, we host a STONEFIRE Grill scholarship contest.

We are proud to announce that of the 40 submissions, the following four individuals have written essays that really stood out to us. At STONEFIRE, we are so grateful for the hard work and dedication that our Team Members put into not only their work lives, but their personal ones as well.  Providing them with a small scholarship along the way is the least we can do for all that they have done to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

The following Team Members blew us away in describing what “Happy To Serve” means to them and how they will take this philosophy into their lives moving forward:

First Place: Lexis Rodriquez – Chatsworth

Second Place: Brooke Bayles – Thousand Oaks

Third Place: Jack Enssle – Irvine & Maral Manesh – Irvine

Lexis eloquently wrote:

Being a part of the STONEFIRE Grill family has taught me to embrace my longing to help others and to surround myself with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I absolutely adore being around all different types of human beings, thus resulting in my decision to become a registered nurse. I am an individual that does not mind to put others needs before my own, especially when they are living a life filled with hardship. STONEFIRE Grill has been an immensely humbling experience that I will cherish and hold dear to my heart for years to come, and I take pride in wearing my “Happy to Serve” uniform, for I, without a doubt, wake up every morning, waiting to see whose life I can make just a bit easier. 


#SFGsummer Winner

As our annual #SFGsummer photo contest comes to an end, we are feeling very lucky to have traveled the world through your fantastic summer photos! From the California coast to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, we’ve enjoyed seeing all of YOUR favorite 2014 summer photos.

With so many great submissions, choosing just one has been difficult, but we are excited to finally announce our 2014 #SFGsummer winner. CONGRATULATIONS to Chris Retor (@wrxeckage), you are our $100 STONEFIRE Grill gift card winner!

With locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley, please enjoy using your gift card at any of our Southern California locations.