We’re excited to welcome the newest addition to the STONEFIRE Grill craft beer selection, STONE IPA! This India Pale Ale is brewed by Stone Brewing Co., a craft brewery located in North San Diego County. As the #1 selling IPA in Southern California, we couldn’t resist adding this highly hoppy, lightly colored, medium-bodied beer to our menu.

This refreshing citrusy flavor and hop aromas are perfectly balanced by a subtle malt character and can be a great compliment to both our Carrot Cake and Pepper Garlic Tri Tip.

From the bold sweetness of our Carrot Cake mixed with the bitterness of the Stone IPA, to the subtle blend of our Gorgonzola Butter with the tanginess of the Stone IPA, this beer is made for those who love very hoppy IPAs.

At an incredible value of $3.99 per bottle, Stone IPA is sure to please!


Extinguish Your Thirst!

STONEFIRE Grill is excited to welcome Fireman’s Brew Brunette Beer into our family! This traditional style German Doublebock beer is rich with taste and pairs well with all of our BBQ items and our Cheesecake.

Just as STONEFIRE Grill is a Southern California based company, Fireman’s Brew was imagined and created in the heart of the San Fernando Valley by two local firefighters, Rob and Ed. After distinguishing a fire over the Glendale Mountains, these friends talked about creating a beer that would not only taste great but also give back to the community. With every product sold, Fireman’s Brew gives back a portion to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation.

STONEFIRE Grill and our local fire stations have always supported each other and this is another way to continue supporting our firefighting friends!

Enjoy our Mesquite Baby Back Ribs, Chicken or Tri Tip paired with the rich taste of Fireman’s Brew. At a great value of $3.99 per bottle, you wont find it anywhere else!


2013 SFG Scholarship Winners!

We tasked our graduating seniors with writing an essay that describes how they’ve incorporated “Happy to Serve” into both their work and personal lives. After receiving and reviewing well over 20 incredible essays, we narrowed it down to our four winners. Each of these winners embodies the concept of Happy to Serve and are great additions to our STONEFIRE team!

First Place: Taylor Yalem

 Good luck at American University, Taylor!

Taylor’s thoughts on how she is Happy to Serve:

“For me, “Happy to Serve” is a way of life that empower me with an unwavering positive attitude. It is a choice to always see the bright side of a situation, and a safeguard to make sure that I am always giving something to the world that I am proud of. “Happy to Serve” cannot be taught or told, and must originate as a genuine desire to always exceed expectation, no matter what the personal sacrifice.”

Second Place: Andy Stefan

 Good luck at LMU, Andy!

Third Place: Natalya Yonathan and Shayna Kudler

 Good luck at CSUN, Natalya!