Truman Talks Health

Our recently released Healthy Alternatives menu has been an absolute hit. With this addition, guests are happy to come on in and enjoy a meal or pick up food to go, even when on a diet! So if you haven’t tried out our Healthy Alternatives yet, I have important instructions for you. Log off of your computer, and get to STONEFIRE immediately. You won’t regret it. (Our Salmon and Spinach Salad are keeping me lean and mean. Seriously.)

Recently, our Irvine location hosted a meetup for “BlogCrush,” reportedly the largest blogging group in Orange County! They came out to try our delicious food (including many of the items on our Healthy Alternatives menu), and they weren’t disappointed.

It seems that “TheModChick” agrees with me- our Healthy Alternatives are the perfect choice for summer dining, and they “taste GOURMET.” Check out her awesome review (with pictures) here.

Another guest over at her blog “Spontaneous Clapping” provides an in depth look at her night of fun and delicious food at STONEFIRECheck it out!

Eva Smith, another member of BlogCrush, provides a full review of her STONEFIRE experience- from the front counter to her last bite of dessert! She also goes on to rave that our food “is the freshest in town!” Eva – I’m with you. Read the rest of her blog post here.

If you’d like to see some more guest-taken pictures of our Healthy Alternatives freshly prepared, check out Kathleen’s blog post. She describes our approach to healthy, fresh dining perfectly!

Not only is our Healthy Alternatives menu creating a real buzz in the blogosphere, it’s also catching news/media attention. Below are a few outlets  writing about everything STONEFIRE with a focus on our Healthy approach:

LA Splash Magazine

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Daily News (In this article, our Founders Mary and Maureen share some previously secret recipes!!)

As always, if you have any questions or comments, or would like a suggestion for next time you visit STONEFIRE, feel free to leave a comment below. They are like presents on Christmas to me. Except for spam- that’s like coal.

-Truman, Intern