10.2: Here's to Healthy Options!

It’s hard to believe that our first STONEFIRE in Valencia is 10 years old!  Looking back, we took a few risks in our planning, ones that really paid off.  At the time, restaurants didn’t do takeout, and most associated a meal to go with pizza or Chinese food; grocery stores were just beginning to make prepared foods to take home.

We decided to really emphasize STONEFIRE Takeout with the idea that our kitchen could, and should, replace yours regularly!  We prepared simple menu items focusing on value, quality and taste, and the Santa Clarita community responded.  Our overall business steadily increased that first year and the idea of STONEFIRE Takeout became a successful reality.  In fact, we have remodeled our Takeout area four times in the past 10 years, always looking for additional space.  Most recently, we took over the space next door and increased our restaurant size by 1500 square feet, the majority of which went to a new and bigger Takeout area!

Thank you, Valencia, for your support over the years.  The following was written by a regular Valencia guest, Jackie Field, a wife, mom and personal trainer who loves STONEFIRE Grill.


Mary Harrigan

I Send All My Clients to STONEFIRE

It’s so hard for busy people today to get a healthy meal that’s prepared the way you would prepare your own meals in your kitchen.  With one child finishing up soccer, another to be dropped off at gymnastics or dance, work to finish up that didn’t get done in your regular work day, e-mail to check, a dog to walk (it’s our greatest wish, right?), etc…Come on, you don’t have time to marinate and cook some chicken, chop various veggies, prepare your homemade salad dressings AND set the table?  Those times, unfortunately, are very rare and almost non-existent.

So what to do? As a lifestyle coach and trainer, I send all my clients to STONEFIRE for the best “living” food around.  I’ve trusted STONEFIRE for 10 years now.  I have cross-examined their managers and cooks to find out what they put into their sauces, dressings and marinades.  Everything is made right there with fresh ingredients daily.  Even the carrot cake is made by STONEFIRE cooks.  I recommend it on those special days of indulgences, like Mother’s Day and birthdays.  You can even order a half portion to share with a friend.

STONEFIRE’s menu is loaded with fresh vegetables.  They are the best at letting you modify your order with substitutions or add on additional veggies.  Most of their food items can very easily accommodate a vegetarian diet.  Whenever I have my health and wellness meetings, I’m able to get all the meats and cheeses on the side, as well as dressings, which makes my vegetarian clients extremely happy.  As for my carnivore friends, they love the healthy selection of the lemon garlic salmon or chicken.  You can even order the chicken breast skinless.  It goes without saying; the tri tip is one of the best in Southern California!

I tell my clients, “You should always be conscious of what you put in your mouth and why.  Always be willing to live with the consequences of what you eat.  And always eat for the right reasons.”  I prefer to eat for my health and wellness.  Handle stress with exercise, hobbies, or a good walk under a beautiful blue sky.  Never eat while watching TV or reading a book.  That’s not conscious eating, that’s mechanical eating, and not very satisfying.  Always load up on vegetables to increase the metabolic rate of your meals.  Who wouldn’t want to burn more calories?

So if you’d like a couple of suggestions as to what to eat at STONEFIRE, here are a few of my favorites.  I recommend the Fiesta salad.  It has sautéed and fresh vegetables, which give it a great flavor.  The dressing is amazing, but I like it with no dressing.  The juices from the sautéed peppers and onions give it great flavor on their own.  I also like to get the grilled veggie platter and add a few more grilled veggies at home.  I then take the leftovers home and eat the rest as a snack or side salad later in the day.  When my husband and I go, we like to get the chicken and tri tip combo meal.  It’s plenty for the two of us plus he loves the breadsticks!  My most common order is the lemon garlic salmon meal with a Cartwheel salad.  I was never a lover of beets or cilantro dressing until my daughter talked me into the Cartwheel salad.  Now it’s a must have at family cook outs when I need a big salad that makes everyone happy.

Placing a healthy order at STONEFIRE, for take out or to eat in, allows you to take care of your health while spending time with your loved ones.  Just because we don’t have time to MAKE a healthy meal doesn’t mean we don’t have time to EAT a healthy meal.  Get rid of the excuses and the excess fat, eat at STONEFIRE!  You’ll love it, I do!

Jackie Field, Certified Fitness Trainer/Life Coach