Restaurants in Orange County

With so many options for restaurants in Orange County, there are numerous factors that make STONEFIRE Grill the wonderfully delicious and best destination for your next meal. For your reading pleasure, we’ve outlined three fundamental factors that make us stand out in comparison to the competition (other restaurants in Orange County): food, service and value.

With two restaurants in Orange County (Irvine and Fountain Valley; see more detailed location information here, STONEFIRE Grill is becoming increasingly popular among a variety of different tastes and budgets. Knowing that our guests appreciate what we do makes our work that much more rewarding, and we tend to think that it has a great deal to do with the menu itself, one vastly different from other restaurants in Orange County.

Where else can a variety of mesquite-grilled entrées be combined with 16 market-fresh salads, irresistible pizzas, pastas and sandwiches and from-scratch desserts? Not only that, but we make it perfect for large groups of friends and families to enjoy a little bit of everything, family-style, in a way lends itself not only to a combination of exceptional flavors, but to outstanding prices as well. All of our meats are slow-cooked overnight to allow for a tender and delicious product; they’re later finished over a live mesquite fire with our signature BBQ sauce or in our high heat broilers in many unique flavor profiles. In addition, we take great pride in our daily shipments of the highest quality produce – every tomato is diced by hand; every radish, onion and piece of lettuce is chopped twice daily. Of course, this only begins to scratch the surface, so click here for more information and see for yourself how our food compares to other restaurants in Orange County, especially restaurants in Irvine and restaurants in Fountain Valley.

Our work, however, doesn’t stop with delicious food. We hold ourselves to exceptionally high service standards as well. Our fast-casual model, when it first arrived, was new to most frequenting restaurants in Orange County, but now, many years later, it’s what they’ve come to know and love about us. Service with a smile, fast, efficient and courteous individuals, people who love what they do – the idea of humbly serving others in the best way we know how is what makes us passionate; it’s what makes us great!

Combine freshly prepared, simply delicious food with quality service and prices that define ‘value’, and it becomes increasingly apparent as to why STONEFIRE Grill is rapidly growing in popularity when it comes to restaurants in Orange County. We make fast-casual, family-style dining deliciously affordable, and we’ve created created Family Meals here and Crowd Pleasers here with every taste, preference, size and budget in mind.

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