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We have many vegan or vegetarian options as well as a gluten-free menu.


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Before placing your order with STONEFIRE Grill, please inform a manager of any food allergies or special dietary needs within your party. Our team will always do its best to accommodate you. Please know that our restaurants use ingredients that contain all major FDA allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat). Recommendations and/or suggestions made by STONEFIRE Grill and its staff should never, at any time or for any reason, be substituted for the expert advice of a medical doctor. If you have a severe food allergy or dietary restriction, please contact your physician before dining with us.

The nutritional information provided is based on STONEFIRE Grill’s recipes and is a compiled analysis utilizing industry standard software, nutrient data from STONEFIRE’s suppliers, USDA and the nutrient database analysis of STONEFIRE’s recipes. The rounding up of figures is based upon FDA guidelines. STONEFIRE Grill, Inc. provides nutritional and allergen information for its menu items that is as complete as possible. However, please pay special attention to the following: (a) Limited time offers, test or new menu items and/or specials may not be included in the nutritional information contained herein. (b) Special or modified orders will alter the nutritional information contained herein. (c) From time to time, STONEFIRE Grill may obtain products from new, different or substitute vendors/suppliers, which may alter the nutritional information contained herein. (d) Menu item ingredients are based upon proprietary recipes and standardized portions, but variations may occur based upon ordinary differences inherent in the preparation and season of the year. (e) Every STONEFIRE menu item is freshly prepared by hand, individually, and as such, serving sizes may vary.

This document is updated from time to time in an effort to reflect the current nutritional value and allergen content of our menu items and to provide this information to our valued guests. Enjoy!